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Mrs. Suman Agarwal was born in the soil of Artistic Tamil Nadu and nurtured in the environment of Art & Culture of Kashi (Varanasi ). She is an artist who is doing her best e orts to keep alive the traditional art form of India. Being the part of a family of Scientists & Doctors, she kept her passion for Art and was awarded “BFA” from BHU (Banaras Hindu University). She continued her journey and established her own Art & Studio Gallery “CHITRAKALA” in Kanpur, UP, India.

imageCHITRAKALA, is a unique Art & Studio Gallery providing a common platform for learning and display of painting under one roof Run By Mrs. Suman Agarwal. The Artist’s dominant interest has been South Indian & Brindavan style “TANJORE“ paintings. These paintings usually depict Indian GOD & GODDESS. Tanjore Paintings are made of GOLD FOIL & Semi-Precious Stones. Mrs. Suman Agarwal has successfully tried the FUSION of many mediums like Tanjore on Glass, Marble, Oil etc. Mrs. Suman Agarwal has successfully organized five individual exhibitions in different part of the country and got BIG response from the visitors. Her paintings are also in demand outside India. Besides creating her own collection, she is also training new generation artist. Till now, more than 100 emerging artists have been nurtured and trained by her in last 10 years.

Working Team

image We are a team of experienced artist with all fields and category. Mrs. Suman Agarwal works with the team of 5 Post Graduate artist in painting and other fields of art.

Payment Detail:

Account Name: “Suman Agarwal”
Bank- Punjab National Bank (PNB)
Branch- Swaroop Nagar , Kanpur, UP, India
A/c No- 0727000100390474